Saddle Up and Ride Them Hard

JodhpursWhile taking these photos, Tom and I had some fun. I own some jodhpurs from previous dalliances with horses and decided to test them out in other (probably more fun) experiences. Tom particularly likes the stable boy fantasy and I was only too happy to oblige him and play it out.

For the photos I bent over, posing against the wall in only my jodhpurs and black leather boots. My ass’s curves were emphasised by the tight, elastic cotton, pulling it into a round, peach-like shape. I could see Tom becoming aroused by my attire and wiggled my ass at him, making him groan. After another few snaps, he could no longer resist. Tom put the camera down on the table and made his way over to me, cupping my buttocks in his hands and feeling their firmness. His hands ran up to my bare breasts, flicking my nipples, which were already hardening from arousal. Leaning down, he took a nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and flicking it until it was standing out erect. Tom unhooked the clasp of my jodhpurs, spitting on his fingers and slipping them inside them. My pussy was already swollen with excitement and his fingers soon encouraged the wetness within, rubbing across my clit.

I reached down and took Tom’s hard cock in my hand, fully erect now from watching my wiggling bottom. I knelt down in front of him and licked his helmet, slowly tracing my tongue around it in widening circles. My saliva glistened on his dick and I slowly brought him into my mouth, feeling his warm cock filling me. I took him fully into my mouth until I was almost choking on his balls, before gagging and releasing him.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing with a simple stable boy?” Tom asked, pulling my hair and forcing me onto his dick again.

I choked and pulled back, replying, “I just saw you mucking out the stables and knew I had to have you right here and now in the hay.”

“Well then, get on your knees and you can say to your pony club friends that you’ve been ridden by the stable boy.” Tom pulled my jodhpurs down, so that they were around my knees and pushed me down onto the floor, bent over the sofa. My bare ass stuck up into the air, feeling all the more exposed for the trousers pulled down around my knees. I felt Tom slide his dick into my tight, wet pussy, filling it. He pulled out, then thrust in again, exerting a moan of pleasure from me.

“Do you like that? You look all prim and proper in your jodhpurs and boots, but I know that you like to get bent over and fucked on the stable floor. You’re a naughty girl really who should get spanked for it.” Tom said, spanking my ass as he pumped his dick into me. He reached around and rubbed my clit, sliding his cock slowly in and out of my cunt so that I could feel its full length.

He slapped my ass again, grabbing it and slamming himself against me, pounding my little pussy.

“All your pony club friends will be able to hear you getting fucked, you naughty girl. Do you think they’ll want to join in?” Tom asked, his fingers flicking across my clit.

“Yeh, they’ll want to see what the stable boy can do. They’ll all line up in the yard to get fucked by you.” I replied, already nearing climax. I could feel Tom was too and he increased the pace, pumping his cock into my cunt. I licked my finger and reached back, sliding it into my arsehole. It feels incredible when you cum with both holes filled, as the muscles contract and seem to fight against the objects filling you up. I could feel the climax starting, like a crescendo.

“If you cum in me, I’ll go back to the rest of the pony club with cum still dribbling down my thigh.” I said, moaning louder and pulling Tom in against me. He thrust even deeper in response, also nearing climax. Suddenly, my orgasm burst over me and I felt Tom cum too, his dick pulsing inside my cunt. We rode our orgasms until they subsided, receding as suddenly as they had come. Tom pulled out of me and sat back on his heels, surveying the scene.

“Well, stable boy, you’ll have to do that to me next time I come for my riding lesson,” I said, “That was hot.”
“Yes, it was.” Tom replied, slapping my ass one last time.

My Little Tartan Skirt

I have a tartan skirt, the same one pictured here, that drives Tom crazy. As soon as I slide that little skirt on I feel his hands around me, running up my thighs and under its ruffles to feel my ass beneath. It is just short enough that if I bend down it reveals the shape of my white panties underneath, but no more. I sometimes tease Tom with it: I decide to wear it in the morning, slipping it on nonchalantly and ignoring his eyes dropping to my ass and the swell in his trousers. He knows that he will have to go a whole day at work before he can lift it up and feel my firm buttocks beneath. This may seem a bit cruel, but by building tension up throughout the day, we are even more eager to get each other’s clothes off when we get home. And when we do get home, no sooner has the door closed behind us then we are locked onto each other, hands exploring what has been forbidden all day, as with this time…

I jump onto Tom, legs wrapping around his torso as he carries me into the study, carefully positioning me in front of the desk. He surveys me, his eyes following the contours of my breasts under my shirt and legs emerging from that little tartan skirt. Meanwhile, I run my fingertips over his chest and arms, feeling the strength underneath, almost quivering with excitement.

I pull his shirt off, his muscles now unbound and free to touch and grip tightly. He tugs off my top and I unhook my bra while he releases his throbbing member from his trousers. My breasts spill from my bra as I throw it onto the floor, my nipples hardening with arousal. Tom’s mouth is instantly on my nipples, licking and sucking on them. His mouth moves down my stomach until he is crouched in front of me. He strokes my thighs, reaching up to tease my panties over my buttocks, sliding them down my legs until I can kick them to the side.

I lean against the desk, opening my legs so that Tom can see my wet, pink pussy, inviting him in. He presses his face into it, his tongue hungrily lapping up my juices. His tongue flicks across my clit and I groan in reaction, feeling the tingling sensation travelling through me. Tom dives back into my cunt, his tongue pushing into me, more urgent and insistent now, after being denied it for so long. He breaks away from my pussy for a second, catching his breath before leaning in again and forcing his tongue into my arsehole. I love the delicious naughtiness of this feeling and encourage him, moaning louder.

I feel that it is my turn to give Tom some attention and pull him up from the ground, pulling him in close and stroking his dick. This time I crouch down and I take him into my mouth, feeling his cock filling my mouth. I feel like I want to be really naughty and take his hard shaft in my hand, supporting it while I engulf it, pushing his dick to the back of my throat. I hold it there for as long as I can, before gagging and pulling back. Tom is aroused by it and he pushes my head onto his dick again, so that I swallow even more of him. I gag, but he holds me there for a second longer before releasing me.

Tom grabs me, pulling me up and sitting me on the edge of the desk. He runs his cock over my clit, which is glistening with wetness, before plunging into my pussy. His dick feels huge inside my tight cunt and I gasp as he pushes his full length into me. He slams into me again, thrusting faster. Tom holds my legs in the air, so that he can pull me closer into him. I lick my fingers and rub my clit while Tom’s dick thrusts in and out of me. Tom slows down, knowing how great it feels for me. I feel his cock sliding slowly inside me until it is deep inside, then slowly pulling out again. I keep rubbing by clit as Tom’s slow movements drive me into a frenzy. My clit and pussy are tingling from the sensation and I can feel an orgasm building.

I urge Tom to increase his speed again, pulling him in with my legs and locking myself around him. He now slams into me, pounding my cunt. Tom reaches down and slips his finger into my arsehole. The sensation catapults me into overdrive and I know that I will climax soon. I rub my clit even faster and Tom couples his thrusts with his finger pushing into my arsehole. I can feel the orgasm building until it bursts over me. I stop rubbing my clit, letting it wash over me and grab Tom, pulling him in so that his dick thrusts as deep as possible inside me. Tom’s thrusts become longer as he reacts to my climax until he also stiffens, cum squirting deep into my cunt. He continues pumping, slowing down until our orgasms subside.

He smiles at me as he pulls out and I can feel cum dripping down my leg. “I really love that little skirt,” he said as he bent in and kissed me.

Open Wide

Last week I posted on pleasuring a woman with oral sex and this week I thought that I would turn to the oral sex for men. I’ve already written on giving head several times, but as with all sex, if you keep trying different things, it just gets better and more interesting, so I’ll tell you about a few new techniques I have found out over the last few months.

After Tom had given me a particularly good orgasm one day, I decided to return the favour by giving him a blow job. As I’ve said previously, sometimes just having oral sex is better than penetrative sex as it means that you concentrate fully on the other person for the session. Tom and I were lying in bed after showering one evening and I wanted to treat him. I kissed him deeply before moving down his body, kissing his chest, arms and stomach, stopping at the V at the bottom of his hips. I hovered above it, teasing him, before landing a light kiss on his dick. He was already growing erect and I ran my tongue lightly down his shaft from the tip to the base. I felt his cock throb in response.

Gently I took his dick in my hand, slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft until he was fully erect. I held his penis in my hand, while reaching my tongue out and lightly flicking his head with it. I circled my tongue around his head, wettening it, before taking his cock into my mouth. I drew him into my mouth, releasing him then taking him in again, deeper and deeper each time until I was almost choking on his cock – but not yet.
I took half of his length in my mouth while pumping my hand up and down the rest of his shaft. He groaned in pleasure, leaning back and closing his eyes concentrating on the sensation.

I released his cock, running my tongue down his shaft to his balls, flicking my tongue over them before heading back up. I massaged his balls with my hand, slowly circling my tongue over his head. I changed pace and direction, flicking my tongue across his head in darting little flicks, changing direction constantly until I was almost battering it with licks. This can be quite intense because it is a sensitive area and utilising your tongue like this, when it is quite hard and pointed (as opposed to broad, wide licks), can sometimes be too much, so watch him to check that he is still enjoying it. If it becomes too much, pause for a moment and stroke his shaft with your hand, then start again. Don’t try this for too long either for the same reasons; it just becomes way too sensitive. The equivalent is like having your clit assailed by small pointed licks. However, get the right amount and it heightens his pleasure and is a change from the normal strokes and head giving.

I shifted position, taking him into my mouth while massaging his balls. I slowly took him deeper and deeper into my mouth until I was choking on his cock. I gagged, taking him in even deeper into my mouth until I released him. Spitting on his dick, I propelled my hand up and down his shaft with long strokes. I took him into my mouth again, taking him as far as I could to the base of his shaft. I choked again and pulled back. I spat on his cock again, placing both of my hands on his dick, one above the other and started stroking his cock. I only stroked his head with small movements, rubbing over the ridge of his helmet. Judging from Tom’s reaction, this feels fantastic, but make sure it’s properly lubed with spit (or lube) otherwise your hand won’t run smoothly and it will be uncomfortable for him. I alternated between long, hard strokes and small, quick strokes on his helmet, feeling Tom writhing in pleasure at the touch.

I could tell Tom was close to climax, so I took him into my mouth again after spitting on his cock. He likes it really wet and messy, so I smeared his dick around my lips, letting my own saliva cover my lips. Stroking his cock with my hand I enclosed his head in my mouth, pulling him into me. I took him into my throat, flicking his head with my tongue when I released him, before plunging down again and repeating it. My hand and mouth moved faster, engulfing then releasing his dick in long, hard strokes. Tom’s moans increased as he neared climax, until he gasped suddenly in climax and I felt hot cum spurt into my mouth. I kept pumping, immersing his dick in my mouth until the orgasm had subsided. I finally released him, swallowing his cum. He lay back, satisfied and kissed me.

Sometimes it’s a very satisfying feeling for you to just satisfy your partner as you can concentrate all your love and attention on them for a while and forget about your own desires. If you are good partners, you should receive their full attention soon enough and enjoy it all the more.

Staying In To Eat Out

Tom’s return was as glorious and sex-filled as I had anticipated and after talking to a friend about the importance of pleasuring a lady, I decided to focus on oral sex for women this week. I don’t really like the term ‘eating her out’ because it sounds like you’ll be digging around in a woman’s pussy looking for a hamburger to miraculously appear. It needs to be softer, more delicate than that image conjures up. It is more like sipping a delicious wine, slowly lifting the glass, touching the cool rim to your soft lips and luxuriously taking the first sip. You can roll the wine around your mouth, allowing it to fill your throat, playing with it with your tongue before swallowing it. Or something like that.

Tom did a great thing for me the other day which really epitomises my attitude to oral sex. I was reading in bed and Tom, bored of flicking through his book, put it down and slid under the bed covers. I was sitting upright in bed with my knees propped up to rest my book on. Tom approached my legs under the covers from the bottom of the bed, reaching my feet first. He left little kisses on my toes, ankles and calves as he worked his way up my legs.

By this point I had already laid my book down and relaxed, closing my eyes and enjoying Tom’s movement up my legs, knowing his destination and anticipating the pleasure. Tom pulled my legs apart and continued his kissing streak up my inner thigh. This always tickles me slightly, but it feels really nice as little electric shocks seem to travel up my spine. Tom finally reached my pussy, hesitating before he landed a gentle kiss on my clit, following it up with a kiss on my arsehole.

I sighed in contentment. Tom’s tongue extended slowly and I could feel the tip graze my pussy in one long sweep. It was so light I almost didn’t feel it, but I could sense it was there and that there was more to come. Tom licked it again, firmer this time, so that I was in no doubt of his intention. Now he moved onto my clit, flicking his tongue from side to side against its nup. He changed direction, licking up and down instead. I could tell he was just warming up, but my clit was already tingling at the feeling. Tom changed course again, this time flicking his tongue in random directions. This is by far my favourite and feels like heaven because your partner’s tongue is covering such a large surface area. If you want to try it on your partner, try writing the letters of the alphabet. It feels superb.

Tom left my clit and travelled down to my pussy, alternating between edging his tongue into my pussy and licking it with a broad sweep. Remember that when you are pushing your tongue (or finger) into her pussy, softer is better. This comes back to what I was saying earlier in that you are not trying to lick out the last remains of a tin of soup, but instead licking an ice cream that you don’t want to finish. Small, delicate licks. (However, if she wants it harder or pushes your head into her pussy, don’t be afraid to acquiesce. If that’s what she wants, give it to her.)

As I became more aroused I moaned, which spurred Tom on to lick faster and harder. His tongue ran down to my arsehole, pushing against it as if trying to force his way in (now this is when a strong tongue is needed: it feels great and as the tongue is a softer muscle than a finger, you can push harder without it feeling uncomfortable or sore).

His thumb started rubbing the nub of my clit while his tongue flicked fast over my arsehole and pussy. I could feel myself wet from his touch and fully aroused now, almost ready to climax. However, I wanted to feel his cock inside me to cum, so that I could feel my pussy squeeze against the hard shaft. I pulled him up from his position between my legs, kissing his mouth. I could taste my sweetness on his lips and enjoyed it. My excitement had aroused him and his dick was bulging hard and thick, hanging between his legs. I bent down to take his cock into my mouth, wettening it – almost as a thank offering for all of the glorious oral he had given me.

I choked his dick down my throat several times, plunging it into the back of my mouth and coughing on it before releasing him. Tom grabbed me and threw me onto my knees, sliding his wet, hard cock into my pussy in one fluid motion. The suddenness of the motion startled me and I felt my pussy spread open to welcome his dick. Tom reached his hand round and started rubbing my clit while fucking my pussy in hard, fast motions.

I had already been close to climax when Tom was licking my cunt and it didn’t take me long before I felt the familiar tingle in my pussy. I pushed harder against Tom’s cock, forcing him deeper into me as the orgasm built. Tom could feel it too and his breath started rasping as he neared climax too. His hand moved like a blur on my clit until I climaxed suddenly, falling forward with the pleasure, my ass sticking up in the air. Tom wasn’t far behind me, his long strokes pushing into my cunt until the hot cum splurted out too.

We relaxed, letting the full pleasure of the climaxes cycle through us before unlocking ourselves from each other. Tom grinned, “I’d only come to give your pussy a quick kiss, I didn’t mean to do more, but it looked too tasty.”

“Well, I’m definitely not complaining.” I replied, collapsing back on the bed in ecstasy.

Home Alone and Frisky

My lovely partner Tom has been away for the weekend and I’ve been home alone getting rather horny and bored, so I began fantasizing about all the wonderful things he would do to me once he gets home. And of course thought that I had to include you delightful readers in my musings, because it would be really unfair not to…

I imagine that after a deep, passionate kiss at the airport, where I’m picking him up from we suffer through the half hour car journey home, my hand almost permanently clamped on his leg (apart from when I need to change gear) while he strokes my arm and fiddles with my ear. When we get home we burst through the doors and immediately drop our bags, fumbling to take our clothes off. Our hands run over each other’s bodies; Tom feeling my hips, ass and smooth back, me squeezing his strong arms and torso.

We stumble into the living room, clothes discarded in the hallway in small forgotten piles. I jump on Tom, wrapping my legs around his middle, feeling our warm skin connecting after so long. His mouth feels wet and new after the few days away, his tongue similarly intertwining and rediscovering my tongue.

Tom carries me over to the sofa, his muscular arms gripping me effortlessly as I cling on to him. He lays me down gently on the sofa and kneels in front of me. Running his hands up my thighs he gently strokes my pussy with his thumb, feeling the nub of my clit and wet lips open slightly for him. Tom bends his head down and stretches out his tongue, at first slowly lapping up my pussy juices, then faster as he remembers the sweet taste and wants more. His tongue travels down to my arsehole, pushing into the tight hole, as if requesting re-entry before moving back up to my clit, flicking his tongue across it. I moan at the tingling sensation this exudes and pull him up, impatient for his cock.

His dick already stands erect and I reach out and lovingly stroke it, revelling in the soft smoothness of his shaft. I flick his head with my tongue, running my tongue down his shaft to his balls and back up again. He rolls his eyes at the pleasure, falling back onto the sofa as I take him into my mouth. I slowly pull him into my mouth, going deeper each time until I have as much of his shaft in my mouth as I can manage. I gag and release him.

Now it is Tom’s turn to be impatient, lying me down on my back on the rug next to the sofa and slowly inserting his dick into my throbbing cunt. He thrusts in slowly at first, relishing the renewed contact and I clutch at his muscled arms, also in bliss. His pace increases, pushing deeper into my pussy. I pull him in for a kiss, feeling his chest at the same time, taut from the exertion.

Tom reaches down and tickles my arsehole with his finger, inserting his finger into my arsehole and moving it in time with his thrusts. I moan at this, enjoying the naughtiness of having both my holes filled. Tom slides his finger out of my arsehole and I sit up, so that I am on top of him and begin to ride him instead, my hips rotating and grinding against him as his dick thrusts inside me. I lick my fingers and start to rub my clit while I am riding Tom. I change direction, grinding in a circular motion in the opposite direction before thrusting my hips back and forth. Tom arches his back so that his dick becomes the high point of his body, allowing me to push myself even deeper into him. I keep rubbing my clit as I thrust, my breathing shortening with the effort and the pleasure.

Tom sits up now, picking me up while he’s still inside me and walks over to the back of the sofa, perching me on the edge. He holds one of my legs while supporting my back with the other hand. I reach down and start rubbing my clit again, feeling a climax building as Tom’s thrusts increase in speed. Sitting on the sofa back allows Tom’s cock to ram further into my cunt until he is ball-deep inside me. I tell him to slow his thrusts down so that I can feel each one sliding slowly into me then pulling out, touching every nerve cell in my pussy as his dick slides past. I can feel myself near orgasm and cling to Tom harder, rubbing my clit faster now. Tom’s slow and long thrusts are driving me crazy and I can tell that Tom his near climax too, finding it hard to control his pace but just then my orgasm erupts over me. I can feel Tom quiver as he suddenly pumps faster and cums too, thrusting deep into my pussy. We cling on to each other as the orgasms subside. I kiss him as we are still locked together, then slowly untangle ourselves. We will collapse in a heap on the sofa, ready to now chat about our respective weekends, naked and satisfied.

So, I’ll whether his homecoming lives up to this (or indeed exceeds it!) Stay tuned for the update soon…


Open the Portcullis

The other weekend Tom and I reverted to children by building a pillow fort in our living room. We stacked the sofa cushions around the sides of a rug, acting as the walls; blankets and pillows were spread on the floor for comfort and a smaller cushion placed across the sofa arms as a portcullis. But seeing as we are also very horny too, we fucked each other in the fort too. If you’ve never had sex in a pillow fort before, do, just because it is entertaining to build the fort with your partner then flop down and see how much of the walls you can shake down with your rampant banging. I was very much reminded of this image when I was writing this. I think this perfectly symbolises the fun that you should have with sex and the partnership that is needed to create the fort.


Once Tom and I had built the fort and drag the duvet from our bed onto the floor, we snuggle inside, warm and secure in our fort. We balance the laptop on a cushion at the edge of the fort, hunkering down to withstand the imaginary siege outside.

After our film finishes, I get up to replenish supplies, crawling under the portcullis to exit the fort. This means that my bare ass (because you need to be naked in your pillow fort, it’s too snuggly not to) is sticking up in the air as I squeeze between the two sofa arms, wiggling as I stretch through. This certainly gets Tom’s attention and when I crawl back through, I am pulled in by Tom, eager to inspect my deliciously naked ass.

He runs his hands over it, feeling its warmth and firmness. Bending his head down he lightly tickles my arsehole with his tongue. I stiffen at the touch, feeling a tingly shiver run up my spine from my arsehole. Tom licks my arsehole again, delving into it with his tongue. I groan at the touch. Still on all fours I open my legs wider so that Tom’s tongue can reach my pussy. He takes the hint, sweeping his tongue across my cunt, flicking it across my clit. He rubs my arsehole with his finger while his tongue shoots back and forth across my clit. I moan again at the pure pleasure I feel in my clit, coupled with my arsehole.

Deciding to return the favour (and the pleasure) I swing round and grab Tom’s swollen dick, licking the head, flicking my tongue all over it before taking him into my mouth. I play with his balls, feeling the smooth skin stretch taut as he becomes more aroused. I take his cock into my mouth again, deep, then release him, spitting on his dick and pumping my hand along his shaft, making it glisten with my spit.

Tom grabs me at the waist and lifts me up, laying me down on my back. He holds his dick against my pussy, rubbing it against my clit and cunt. It makes my pussy tingle both from the feeling of his cock against my clit and the anticipation of it inside me. I throw a pillow away from me which is preventing me from stretching out fully, then pull Tom’s hips towards me as his dick slides into me. I always enjoy how tight I feel as his cock first enters me, slowly warming up to it and welcoming him with naughty wetness. Tom slowly increases the pace of his thrusts. I extend my legs and Tom holds them out while I spit on my fingers and start rubbing my clit. I can feel Tom’s hard cock slamming inside me as I rub. An errant foot scatters one of the wall-cushions, but my thoughts are far from our fort, intent on Tom’s dick in my wet pussy.

I sit up and climb on top of Tom, so that he is kneeling down and my legs are around his torso, facing him. I push myself off the floor with my feet, letting myself slam back down onto Tom’s cock. I pull my hips up and inwards while doing this, releasing myself as I fall back down, driving Tom crazy with pleasure. I increase the pace, my breasts falling into Tom’s face as I thrust on top of him. He grabs a nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and flicking his tongue over it.

Suddenly Tom grabs me and lifts me up, out of him. He flips me over so that I am on all fours again and thrusts himself back into me. He starts rubbing my clit with his fingers, pumping hard into my pussy. I can tell he’s near climax, which drives me on. I lick my finger and slide it into my arsehole, enjoying the feeling of both my holes being filled. Tom’s fingers whip across my clit and I can feel myself nearing orgasm too. His strokes become longer and slower until I cry out in pleasure. He moans and thrusts deeply at the same time and I can feel cum spurting into my pussy. His orgasm times with mine and we both ride it out. I can feel his dick throbbing inside me as the climax leaves my body.

We both collapse on the duvet and pillows. I look around at the fort. Several ‘wall’ cushions have been knocked down and the floor is in a general state of disarray. I grin and kiss Tom. “Well I think we conquered this fort.”

“We have indeed.” Tom replied, kissing me back.

Bent Over the Desk

Tom and I particularly enjoy one fantasy which we play out quite regularly and which I have already written about: the schoolgirl fantasy. This week I decided to write a blog on one of the times we indulged in our fantasy. If you haven’t tried any fantasies out it should give you an idea of how you could do it, otherwise just enjoy us being naughty.

I have a little tartan skirt which is especially bottom skimming and dirty. This time I slipped it on with a silky green thong underneath and put a white top on. To finish my outfit I slid small little white socks on with frills at the top. I sauntered into the living room where Tom was sitting reading a book. I went over and kissed him, kneeling on the sofa beside him so that my skirt rode up.

“I’ve been a very naughty girl.” I whispered in his ear, “I didn’t do my homework. I think you’re going to have to punish me.”

“I will have to if you’ve been such a bad girl. You never do any work in class either. I can see you at the back of the class daydreaming. Do you think about my dick and how it would feel for me to take you from behind?”

“Yes, my pussy gets wet just thinking about it. I want to taste your dick then have you fuck me over your desk.”

“Well that can be arranged.” Tom smacked my ass then led me into the study. He kissed me, his hands running up my legs to my bare ass, stroking the strip of thong covering my arsehole.

“You know those panties aren’t school regulation.” Tom murmured, kissing my neck.
“Well, we’ll just have to take them off then.” I replied, hooking my hands over the sides and sliding them slowly down, kicking them away from me.

“Let’s see how wet your cunt is for your professor’s dick.” Tom said, crouching down in front of my pussy. I opened my legs and let him lick my cunt, tasting my juices. Tom’s tongue flicked over my clit making me moan.

“Does the naughty girl like her pussy being licked?” Tom said, standing up.

“Yeh I do.”

“Do you want to taste my cock and see how much of my dick you can take into your little mouth?” Tom said as he dropped his trousers, his cock standing out erect and hard. I knelt down in front of him and took his dick in my hand. I licked the tip then ran my tongue down the shaft to his balls. Tom groaned. I took his cock into my mouth, sliding it to the back of my throat, held it there a second then withdrew.

“A girl who is as naughty as you needs to choke on my dick if she wants to pass the class.” Tom said, grabbing my hair and pushing me hard onto his cock. I took it into my mouth as far as it could go, gagging on it before Tom released me. I took a breath before I plunged into it again, feeling it fill my throat. I choked again then released his dick.

“I think such a bad girl like you needs to get fucked over my desk.” Tom pulled me up and bent me over the desk. He pulled my skirt up so that my ass was exposed.

“Do you want my cock in your wet little pussy?”

“Yeh, pound my cunt until I cum for you.” I replied. Tom slid his dick into my pussy, slowly filling it. I moaned with pleasure. Tom’s thrusting increased in pace, his cock slamming into my cunt. He brought his hand round and started rubbing my clit.

“If you’re a really naughty girl you’ll get to see the headmistress. Do you think that she’ll like seeing you getting fucked by me?”

“Yeh, she can play with her pussy while watching me get rammed by your big dick.”

Tom slammed his dick into me, his fingers flying across my clit. I could feel an orgasm building. I turned my head to see my ass jiggling as Tom pounded my pussy.

“Should I play with my arsehole?” I asked.

“Yeh, I know that naughty girls like you like it in all of their holes.” I slid my finger into my arsehole, gently pumping it in rhythm with Tom’s dick slamming into my pussy. I imagined a milfy headmistress sitting on the office chair rubbing her pussy and watching us. I could feel myself close to orgasm.

“Should I cum for you?” I gasped.

“Yeh, you need to cum for your professor to get an A.” Tom replied, his thrusts becoming deeper and longer. I felt the orgasm rush through me, my legs going weak as it filled my body. At the same time I felt Tom stiffen as he also climaxed, cum spurting deep into my pussy. We collapsed on top of the desk, recovering from the orgasms. When we’d regained our breath Tom slid out of me. Cum dripped down my legs.

“You’ll get an A* for that, you naughty girl. Tom said, kissing me, “But I’ll want you in here for detention tomorrow again.”

“Yes sir.” I replied, grinning.