Open Wide

Last week I posted on pleasuring a woman with oral sex and this week I thought that I would turn to the oral sex for men. I’ve already written on giving head several times, but as with all sex, if you keep trying different things, it just gets better and more interesting, so I’ll tell you about a few new techniques I have found out over the last few months.

After Tom had given me a particularly good orgasm one day, I decided to return the favour by giving him a blow job. As I’ve said previously, sometimes just having oral sex is better than penetrative sex as it means that you concentrate fully on the other person for the session. Tom and I were lying in bed after showering one evening and I wanted to treat him. I kissed him deeply before moving down his body, kissing his chest, arms and stomach, stopping at the V at the bottom of his hips. I hovered above it, teasing him, before landing a light kiss on his dick. He was already growing erect and I ran my tongue lightly down his shaft from the tip to the base. I felt his cock throb in response.

Gently I took his dick in my hand, slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft until he was fully erect. I held his penis in my hand, while reaching my tongue out and lightly flicking his head with it. I circled my tongue around his head, wettening it, before taking his cock into my mouth. I drew him into my mouth, releasing him then taking him in again, deeper and deeper each time until I was almost choking on his cock – but not yet.
I took half of his length in my mouth while pumping my hand up and down the rest of his shaft. He groaned in pleasure, leaning back and closing his eyes concentrating on the sensation.

I released his cock, running my tongue down his shaft to his balls, flicking my tongue over them before heading back up. I massaged his balls with my hand, slowly circling my tongue over his head. I changed pace and direction, flicking my tongue across his head in darting little flicks, changing direction constantly until I was almost battering it with licks. This can be quite intense because it is a sensitive area and utilising your tongue like this, when it is quite hard and pointed (as opposed to broad, wide licks), can sometimes be too much, so watch him to check that he is still enjoying it. If it becomes too much, pause for a moment and stroke his shaft with your hand, then start again. Don’t try this for too long either for the same reasons; it just becomes way too sensitive. The equivalent is like having your clit assailed by small pointed licks. However, get the right amount and it heightens his pleasure and is a change from the normal strokes and head giving.

I shifted position, taking him into my mouth while massaging his balls. I slowly took him deeper and deeper into my mouth until I was choking on his cock. I gagged, taking him in even deeper into my mouth until I released him. Spitting on his dick, I propelled my hand up and down his shaft with long strokes. I took him into my mouth again, taking him as far as I could to the base of his shaft. I choked again and pulled back. I spat on his cock again, placing both of my hands on his dick, one above the other and started stroking his cock. I only stroked his head with small movements, rubbing over the ridge of his helmet. Judging from Tom’s reaction, this feels fantastic, but make sure it’s properly lubed with spit (or lube) otherwise your hand won’t run smoothly and it will be uncomfortable for him. I alternated between long, hard strokes and small, quick strokes on his helmet, feeling Tom writhing in pleasure at the touch.

I could tell Tom was close to climax, so I took him into my mouth again after spitting on his cock. He likes it really wet and messy, so I smeared his dick around my lips, letting my own saliva cover my lips. Stroking his cock with my hand I enclosed his head in my mouth, pulling him into me. I took him into my throat, flicking his head with my tongue when I released him, before plunging down again and repeating it. My hand and mouth moved faster, engulfing then releasing his dick in long, hard strokes. Tom’s moans increased as he neared climax, until he gasped suddenly in climax and I felt hot cum spurt into my mouth. I kept pumping, immersing his dick in my mouth until the orgasm had subsided. I finally released him, swallowing his cum. He lay back, satisfied and kissed me.

Sometimes it’s a very satisfying feeling for you to just satisfy your partner as you can concentrate all your love and attention on them for a while and forget about your own desires. If you are good partners, you should receive their full attention soon enough and enjoy it all the more.


4 thoughts on “Open Wide

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    This was so incredibly erotic to read about a blow job from a woman’s point of view. You so lovingly gave attention and pleasure to him. I completely agree that it’s deeply satisfying to devote your attention on your partner and make them feel really good. Pleasure gained from giving them pleasure.

  2. aedmonds315 says:

    Reblogged this on SEX w/ Annie, Let's Talk about Sex! and commented:
    When was the last time you gave your man’s member some attention..

  3. aedmonds315 says:

    What a great post. When you can give your partner that kind of attention he is going to make sure you are taken care of as well. It’s all about the give and take,

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