Bent Over the Desk

Tom and I particularly enjoy one fantasy which we play out quite regularly and which I have already written about: the schoolgirl fantasy. This week I decided to write a blog on one of the times we indulged in our fantasy. If you haven’t tried any fantasies out it should give you an idea of how you could do it, otherwise just enjoy us being naughty.

I have a little tartan skirt which is especially bottom skimming and dirty. This time I slipped it on with a silky green thong underneath and put a white top on. To finish my outfit I slid small little white socks on with frills at the top. I sauntered into the living room where Tom was sitting reading a book. I went over and kissed him, kneeling on the sofa beside him so that my skirt rode up.

“I’ve been a very naughty girl.” I whispered in his ear, “I didn’t do my homework. I think you’re going to have to punish me.”

“I will have to if you’ve been such a bad girl. You never do any work in class either. I can see you at the back of the class daydreaming. Do you think about my dick and how it would feel for me to take you from behind?”

“Yes, my pussy gets wet just thinking about it. I want to taste your dick then have you fuck me over your desk.”

“Well that can be arranged.” Tom smacked my ass then led me into the study. He kissed me, his hands running up my legs to my bare ass, stroking the strip of thong covering my arsehole.

“You know those panties aren’t school regulation.” Tom murmured, kissing my neck.
“Well, we’ll just have to take them off then.” I replied, hooking my hands over the sides and sliding them slowly down, kicking them away from me.

“Let’s see how wet your cunt is for your professor’s dick.” Tom said, crouching down in front of my pussy. I opened my legs and let him lick my cunt, tasting my juices. Tom’s tongue flicked over my clit making me moan.

“Does the naughty girl like her pussy being licked?” Tom said, standing up.

“Yeh I do.”

“Do you want to taste my cock and see how much of my dick you can take into your little mouth?” Tom said as he dropped his trousers, his cock standing out erect and hard. I knelt down in front of him and took his dick in my hand. I licked the tip then ran my tongue down the shaft to his balls. Tom groaned. I took his cock into my mouth, sliding it to the back of my throat, held it there a second then withdrew.

“A girl who is as naughty as you needs to choke on my dick if she wants to pass the class.” Tom said, grabbing my hair and pushing me hard onto his cock. I took it into my mouth as far as it could go, gagging on it before Tom released me. I took a breath before I plunged into it again, feeling it fill my throat. I choked again then released his dick.

“I think such a bad girl like you needs to get fucked over my desk.” Tom pulled me up and bent me over the desk. He pulled my skirt up so that my ass was exposed.

“Do you want my cock in your wet little pussy?”

“Yeh, pound my cunt until I cum for you.” I replied. Tom slid his dick into my pussy, slowly filling it. I moaned with pleasure. Tom’s thrusting increased in pace, his cock slamming into my cunt. He brought his hand round and started rubbing my clit.

“If you’re a really naughty girl you’ll get to see the headmistress. Do you think that she’ll like seeing you getting fucked by me?”

“Yeh, she can play with her pussy while watching me get rammed by your big dick.”

Tom slammed his dick into me, his fingers flying across my clit. I could feel an orgasm building. I turned my head to see my ass jiggling as Tom pounded my pussy.

“Should I play with my arsehole?” I asked.

“Yeh, I know that naughty girls like you like it in all of their holes.” I slid my finger into my arsehole, gently pumping it in rhythm with Tom’s dick slamming into my pussy. I imagined a milfy headmistress sitting on the office chair rubbing her pussy and watching us. I could feel myself close to orgasm.

“Should I cum for you?” I gasped.

“Yeh, you need to cum for your professor to get an A.” Tom replied, his thrusts becoming deeper and longer. I felt the orgasm rush through me, my legs going weak as it filled my body. At the same time I felt Tom stiffen as he also climaxed, cum spurting deep into my pussy. We collapsed on top of the desk, recovering from the orgasms. When we’d regained our breath Tom slid out of me. Cum dripped down my legs.

“You’ll get an A* for that, you naughty girl. Tom said, kissing me, “But I’ll want you in here for detention tomorrow again.”

“Yes sir.” I replied, grinning.


2 thoughts on “Bent Over the Desk

  1. arousalzone says:

    Love this inspires my videos and my own blogs

  2. aedmonds315 says:

    That’s Hot!! Nothing like acting out your fantasies with the one person who loves and knows you best. . Detention tomorrow, Lol.. That’s great!!

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