Clean Clothes, Dirty Sex

Tom and I were invited to a formal dinner at a university college and together with friends, lots of wine and good food, we ate and drank the night away. After the dinner itself the congregation were released into the rest of the college to mingle and continue their conversations. If you haven’t been to a university college or don’t know what one is, it’s a place for university students to live and socialise in. It usually has a dining hall, bar and bedrooms for the students. It also has laundry rooms that Tom and I put to better use than doing laundry in…

Tom and I sauntered through the college, stopping to chat to friends and drink yet more wine. We were already tipsy from dinner, but it was Friday, so we felt we had the whole weekend to recover. After a while we were slightly restless and Tom suggested we explore the rest of the college to see what it was like. He had a glint in his eye and devilish grin that suggested we were going to do more than simply wander the corridors and look at students’ rooms and messy kitchens.

We slipped away from the main body of laughing diners and walked quickly up the nearest flight of stairs to the first floor where the students’ rooms were. The corridors branched out into landings, with five or six rooms facing each other, each landing with a small kitchen and bathroom. Some students were loitering around in their rooms, doing work or chatting to friends. We smiled politely at them and hurried on. I wasn’t sure if we were forbidden to be upstairs, but we probably weren’t supposed to. It gave me a slight thrill to think we were doing something naughty.

We walked down several corridors until we came to a deserted landing with a laundry room facing off it. We peeked inside: it was empty. Quickly, we slipped in and turned the light on, closing the door behind us. The door even had a lock on it, which we bolted. It was a small room consisting of three washing machines and dryers, a sink and an ironing board. It was warm and slightly musty from the damp students’ clothes that were washing and hanging up to dry.

Tom and I grinned and moved towards each other, mouths locking in a passionate kiss and hands roaming up and down each other’s clothes. I was wearing a black, tight-fitting formal dress and high heels, while Tom wore a suit and tie. Tom lifted me up and sat me on one of the washing machines. My shoes fell off with a gentle clatter onto the floor. I glanced to the door but there was no sound from outside. Tom reached up my dress and pulled my knickers and tights off slowly, feeling along my ass and legs while doing so. He discarded them in a heap on the floor. Taking off his jacket and adding it to the small pile of clothes, he knelt down in front of me, pulling me to the edge of the washing machine and looked up my dress to my bare pussy. He leaned in close, breathing in the sweet cloying smell and slowly extended his tongue until its tip licked my clit. As soon as he tasted my wetness it seemed to flick a switch in him and he dived, kissing my pussy and lapping up my juices. I moaned in pleasure, gripping the sides of the washing machine to stabilise myself.

His tongue darted in and out of my cunt, rhythmically ramming his tongue into me. He worked his way up my pussy to my clit, flicking his tongue across it before diving back down into my pussy. I pushed his head down, harder into my pussy, forcing his tongue deeper into me, writhing with pleasure.

Suddenly I heard the doorknob turn and someone push against the door, but luckily the lock held and their attempts failed. This drove me on and I leapt down from the washing machine and unfastened Tom’s trousers, where a large bulge already greeted me. I pulled his hard dick out and knelt down, stroking it and feeling its smoothness before taking it into my mouth. I took it deep into my mouth, knowing we didn’t have a lot of time as the person might come back again. I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue before ramming it into my mouth again.

Tom pulled me up and spun me around, bending me over the washing machine. He pulled my dress up so that my ass and dripping pussy were on show and slapped my ass, pumped up at the sight. The sound reverberated in the small room and I was sure that if anyone was standing outside they’d be able to hear it. My thoughts were cut short as I felt Tom’s hard dick peeling back my pussy lips and pushing the whole length of his shaft into me. He withdrew slowly then pushed in fast again, slamming himself into me. Reaching around he rubbed my clit as his dick pounded my pussy.

I heard the doorknob turn as the person tried again. This only spurred me on and Tom felt the same way because he suddenly increased his pace, rubbing my clit faster and fucking me harder and deeper. I felt the orgasm creeping up and suddenly it exploded inside my pussy. Tom felt my climax and came also, his dick pumping even deeper into me as jets of cum spurted out into my pussy.

The door was still being tried and I heard the jangle of keys, meaning they could have had the key to unlock it. Quickly we sprang apart and I grabbed my pants and tights, pulling them on. Tom stuffed his dick back into his trousers and threw his jacket on. I’d just finished putting my shoes on when the lock clicked and the door swung open. A gangly eighteen-year old stood in the doorway, gaping at us. We sauntered past him, Tom clapping him on the shoulder as we passed him in the doorway. “Yup, we were doing exactly what you think we were doing.” Tom said as we laughed and ran down the stairs to re-join our friends.


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